Words of wisdom are all around me and what are they if I only read them? Starting over, make a better life, do good think good. Go with the flow and understand your process. And most of all don´t forget to relax and slow down a bit.. All of the words that will stress the hell out of me right now. Sit down a just be! How?.. and why do i write in English? Because it looks better in the whole context right now. So much to do and feel and the part of a ongoing life, that need a purpose. My feeling of not having a purpose make me depressed and stressed out.


Someone comes to a man’s door to take his liver and he says: ”No, no, I’m not dead.” And he’s told: ”OO oh, it doesn’t say that on the form.” That harked back to Python’s love of bureacracy: you know, people coming round from the council, 10 of them, with different bits of paper.

To watch ” The meaning of life” by Monty Pyton  gives me a longer life and that is the film makes me smile. Otherwise I am doing my best to do my creative me as i have all my life. Painting and other stuff and now I want to be an writer, the books manuscript is almost ready it is 300 pages as a pocket and it has a very good potential to become a great book.  I need to do a lot of editing. It is hard to find my words in English, next time i will write in Swedish again. And the readers can translate. I did feel that i wanted to care for my English speaking readers this time. This is this new years first blog. I do have great hopes for this new and fresh new year.
img_2814 Yes I will work on this, let it be and just go with the flow and trust myself a bit more.  And how ever this will turn out I will accept the result of my experience.  Well i will try to anyway. But my natural state of being is to reach for success. It is Moore fun, but the sad thing is when i have reached my goal if find myself in a state of the question, Why? what is the meaning of life, where do i go from here? Is this all there is? This is when why i wonder where should i be, and why is it so hard to be in the now.  Ok! I am in the now at this moment and i do feel good when i allow myself to let go like this. But it should not be about me.

I don´t like the selfish stuff, it´s about what i can do better in this chaos of a world, and I see it to be in a balance of ignorance in one part and great new minds in other part of our earth. It seems to be an ongoing balance of good and bad thru all our history, as long as we don´t open  the new generations eyes to say what we did wrong in the past. There is pattern i all things, you need to find your place where the waves are moving you in your vibrations and sound.

I hope you will have a great day! See here again soon